Hair Treatments

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Deep Conditioning

Maintain a healthy look and feel to your hair with a deep conditioning. Jestylz offers conditioning treatments to heal over-processed hair. Conditioning treatments promote growth by giving your hair healthy nutrients to restore strength and softness.

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Heatlhy Blondes

Going blonde doesn't mean you have to damage your hair in the process. Jestylz only uses methods and color treatments that protect your hair and ensure that you get the exact shade of blonde you want. Don't let bleach or box color stand in your way. Jestylz will bring out your best blonde even if your natural or previous hair color is much darker.

Coppola Smoothing system san diego

Coppola Smoothing System

The Coppola Smoothing System removes frizziness and helps your hair stay smoother and straighter longer. It will take less time drying your hair and it lasts for 3 to 6 months. It is important to note that this is NOT a straightener or relaxer. Unlike the Brazilian Blowout, this product does not use Formaldehyde. When using this system, your hair must stay dry for 72 hours after the service. A consultation is needed before scheduling the treatment.

Spoil Your Hair with Jestylz
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Jestylz specializes in deep conditioning treatments, perms, and the Coppola Smoothing System. Each treatment will require some time to review expections, time and price. Please contact me for a hair treatment consultation.